🌯 All Eyes on Bitcoin... (AGAIN)

🤖META New AI Product - The AI product that is too powerful to release 🪙The Blackrock Boost - Is this enough to push Bitcoin back to the highs?

The fight of the century, Elon vs. Zucks. For real, this is going down, but we got even more heat to deliver for you today 👇

  • 🤖META New AI Product - The AI product that is too powerful to release

  • 🪙The Blackrock Boost - Is this enough to push Bitcoin back to the highs?

  • 🌮Daily Menu - See the spicy stock movers, the chef's top pick, and more.

🤖 META New AI Product

Facebook's parent company, $META, has created a powerful new text-to-speech model called Voicebox. It can create new voices from scratch, edit voice recordings, and translate between six languages.

But hold your burritos– $META has decided not to release it publicly due to concerns about potential misuse for deep fakes. 

That said, Voicebox could be a game-changer for those with vocal cord damage and be used in digital assistants or in-game characters. Plus, it has a tiny 1% error rate degradation compared to existing models.

Our Spicy Take 🌶️ You should be excited to see the company with the biggest worldly reach creating new AI products. Their next AI product could create billions of revenue overnight.

🪙The Blackrock Boost

The chefs special 🧑‍🍳 this summer? Sizzling cryptocurrency with a side of institutional money. If you missed the rally, Bitcoin touched $30,000 for the first time in over a month due to rumors of institutional investors like BlackRock and Fidelity getting involved in digital assets.

BlackRock filed an application to create a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) last week, and now Invesco and WisdomTree have also submitted filings for spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US. This race to launch a Bitcoin ETF could have a big impact on crypto adoption, letting investors get easy access to crypto in a regulated way.

And that's not all - BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF proposal has given $GBTC some life, with its daily trading volume skyrocketing from $16.1M to $172M.

Our Spicy Take 🌶️ Any big rumor typically drives price in the short term. The fruition of the rumor typically drives profit-taking. Don’t wait for this ETF to come true, and these rumors could be enough to give Crypto that momentum. Especially for the long term, just look at the incredible Gold rally once the $GLD ETF was created.

What is an inside candle?

Since we see a weekly inside candle, we want to prepare you for what is the come.

Inside Candle: When a trading day's high and low candlestick falls within the range of the prior candle’s highs and lows.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Consolidation is paired with low volume, which makes trading these moments tough for traders

  • Lack of range = smaller moves, so be sure to take profit quicker during these candles

Trading strategies during high volume ranging days will fail during these trading conditions. Every trader should understand how to spot these moments in the market and how to adjust.

Stay profitable and get that guac 🥑

Example of an inside candle

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📈 Bulls Key Levels: The markets hit a big-time seller range at 442-450, and if the market becomes bullish again, those are our targets.

📉Bearish Key Levels: Last week’s move into resistance left a large opportunity to retrace the liquidity gap from 431-439. This has happened relatively quickly, so we will move our bearish targets to 428-430.

⚠️Warnings: We traded inside the previous weekly candle, meaning the market will get choppy with no range. Be prepared to trade less, take profits quicker, and fade more moves. Directional moves can only happen after the high or lows break. We are looking at 440 (bullish break) or 430 (bearish break).

Top Chart of the Week | MARA 🪙

Another week, another profitable trade for our subscribers, with $CVNA sinking 12% today. Next up, we have $MARA! From our Crypto article above, you don’t need a full explanation of the driving forces for this stock. Not to mention the short interest is almost 50%. You get a recipe for success when you mix bullish news, cryptocurrencies, and short squeeze. 🔥 

  • First Target: 15.00 = Top of the channel

  • Second Target: 18.00 = Previous squeeze highs

  • Stop Loss: 10.50-11.50 = under the lows of last week

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