🌯 Threads Hit 100 Million Users

🐦The Twitter-killer - What you missed from Zucks dropping Threads 🪙Jobs Surge / Rates Next? - The strong labor market continues

Yo Extra Guac-ers 🥑,

We were expecting the holiday week to be boring but then Threads dropped and WOW. 😲. We have much to cover for a huge upcoming week so let’s dive right in.👇

  • 🐦The Twitter-killer - What you missed from Zucks dropping Threads

  • 🪙Jobs Surge / Rates Next? - The strong labor market continues

  • 🌮Daily Menu - See the spicy stock movers, the chef's top pick, and more.

🐦The Twitter-Killer

$META, the parent company behind Instagram and Facebook, has entered the messaging arena with its sizzling new app, Threads! 🔥 

This text-focused messaging platform aims to entice users who've grown weary of Elon Musk's unpredictable Twitter ownership.

Available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, Threads has set a record reaching almost 100 million users in 48 hours 🚀.

Within 24 hours of launching Elon Musk has already sued, for stealing employees to make a copy-cat product.

Our Spicy Take 🌶️ We discussed this in our recent newsletter with $AAPL, and our opinion is still the same. Profit-rich tech giants, newly powered by AI, are set to maintain their dominance and rapidly boost revenue.

With 3 billion Facebook users, $META has the ability to swiftly conquer any new social media platform, as they have done historically.

The introduction of the Threads app further solidifies their position as advertising leaders, turning it into a lucrative money-making machine.

🪙Jobs Surge / Rates Next?

In June, private companies tossed in a whopping 497K jobs, surpassing economists' expectations and hitting the highest level since February 2022. The leisure and hospitality sector led the charge, adding 232K jobs, while construction and trade, transportation, and utilities followed suit.

But hold the guacamole! Despite the job surge, wages are growing at a snail's pace, marking their slowest increase since 2021. On the bright side, those staying put in their current positions enjoyed a respectable 6.4% raise compared to the previous year.

Our Spicy Take 🌶️ Before you get too comfortable, be prepared for potential pain ahead. The Fed has been dropping hints about rate hikes, and a robust labor market only adds fuel to that fire.

The FedWatch Tool is giving a whopping 92% chance of a rate increase at the upcoming July 26 meeting. So, keep those rate hikes on your radar as you navigate the markets! 🌯

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Strategy Hopping

The Slow Death for New Traders

Strategy Hopping - the act of trading a new strategy until you stop making money and then searching for the next strategy

This is a surefire way to take years to be a profitable trader. Matt recently tweeted the best strategies for new traders. Your goal… pick one and stick to it! 👇

📈 Bullish Key Levels: The double top has been marked at 443. Another rally to that level should give allow for a breakout to 450.

📉Bearish Key Levels: The market bounced perfectly off 430-432 which will be our target for the next big sell-off.

📢The Game Plan: The market has given traders clear higher lows that have resulted in a demand trendline currently being tested at the close of Friday. A breakdown of this trendline will give traders an opportunity to see a sell-off to our key bearish level 430.


Get Funded $150,000 in 4 Days

We meet so many traders expecting to quit their jobs with just $1,000. Small capital is a major reason traders never succeed.

Prop firms are solving this problem, allowing anyone to get funded six figures.

Intense competition among these firms has resulted in better pricing, funding rules, and payout policies for traders.

Topstep has revolutionized the game with its 1-step 1 rule program, eliminating all the unnecessary complexity. Traders can now secure quick funding within just 4 days and receive even faster payouts in as little as 7 hours.

So instead of taking $1,000 and swinging for the fences, you could use that same amount of money and get as much as $900,000 to start your trading career.

Better yet, Topstep loves Chipotle Money traders and gave us a $50 off coupon code. So just smash that link and get some extra guac courtesy of Topstep.

Top Chart of the Week | AI 🤖

Our first week we didn’t deliver a clean win for our subscribers 😥 with $JPM. While the chart looks good, the market doesn’t. Too much consolidation and very extended leaves the opportunity to pull down all stocks over the next 1-3 weeks.

On to the next play, $AI (again 🤣)! The triangle looks tight, the general market looks weak, and over-extended growth stocks should take a beating. 🔥 

  • First Target: 36.00 = Middle of the range

  • Second Target: 32.00 = Low of the range

  • Stop Loss: 42-44 = Previous week’s high

Fair Value Gap [LuxAlgo]

Curious about what a Fair Value Gap (FVG) is and how this trick can spice up 🌶️your trading? Let’s break it down.

A fair value gap is a market inefficiency created when there is a large gap between the first candle’s high and the third candle’s low. Due to the extremely efficient stock market, these areas have a 90-100% chance of being revisited 😋.

How to Add the Indicator

  1. Head to Tradingview

  2. Add Fair Value Gap [LuxAlgo] created by LuxAlgo.

How to Trade the Indicator

Step 1: Wait for your Fair Value Gaps to be created and visually shown using the indicator.

Step 2: These are usually created when a large move occurs, so be patient for the reversal.

Step 3: When the reversal comes, target the FVG for your profit zone and be sure you have proper risk to reward.

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